Introducing DD Expressions

Hello lovely random people who happen to have stumbled across my new blog.  I’m just learning here so if you have any tips for me about how to improve my content, they would be gratefully accepted 🙂

My name is Rachel Bridgeford and I’m a new kid on the writer’s block. DD Expressions is my freelance writing business.  Of course, it’s yet to do any actual business but, then,  it is only a baby.  I’ve created this blog to help it to grow up.

DD Expressions  main project at the minute is the creation of a series of children’s books known as ‘Tales From Youtopia’.  Youtopia is a place I have created as a way of helping children to find a way to deal with challenges in life (and not at all because I like to escape into strange and magical worlds on a regular basis).  You know, important ones like parental separation, bullying, bereavement etc.  All the stories will be written for specific children initially, mostly friends I imagine but will hopefully, eventually be sold (with personal details changed of course)

Anyway as my first post I wanted to share with you, the first of these stories. ‘Luna’ was written for my own daughter. I gave it to her as a Christmas gift along with the stuffed toy on which I’d based the story and a little note book for sharing secrets with her new friend.

Luna present luna book of secrets

I currently have plans for two further stories as well as continuing work on my first adult novel.  I reckon that’ll be more than enough work for 2014 with only 3 days a week in which I can actually get any work done…..

Anyway, school run’s a callin’ so have to dash for today…. I hope you enjoy Luna. I certainly enjoyed writing it 🙂

Be excellent to each other



Luna final



  1. Dale,.I love this! Well done you! You done a good job girl! A productive days work! As you know, l was one of the first people to read Youtopia and I love it! It’s the work of a genius! My religious belief is now definitely that of Youtopian! I want to be your first paying customer and you will write me a story and I will pay you a substantial amount of money for it! All the best in your new business venture. I KNOW you will succeed! Xxx

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