If I tell you..

If i tell you I love you
I want you to know what that means

I’m writing this for you,  my love
Because what I really want,  is to be seen.

To lay myself before you and leave my intentions open wide

To be nothing but honesty and invite you to see inside.

You think that I don’t know you and in a sense that’s true

But what I think you don’t realise is that, deep inside,  I feel you.

In your presence i feel trusting,  in your arms I feel complete

I can put aside my worries

I find that I can sleep.

And, even more than that, when you deign to speak

Your depths overwhelm me and then my feelings peak.

You say things that I never expect

So all the time,  you seem new

You think I need saving because the cause is lost for you.

And the fact is that you’ve seen me,  you honed in like an arrow

With you I can feel vulnerable and the act does not feel sallow.

There’s things I don’t want to bear alone
And you saw it before I did

And now I can’t go back, that territory is arid.

Because you’re an oasis

My shelter from the storm

In your darkness I only see light

My intentions are reborn.

And that is why I had to write, to tell you, I love you

I love all that you are, think, feel and do

Because, my love you’ll change me

I can feel it in my bones

The way I feel about you scares me

And I hope I’m not alone



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