Creature Of The Night

Creature of the night:

I am a creature of the night

My soul shrinks away as rises daylight

And although I wish it were not so

It is by the light of the moon that my spirit doth grow

By the silence of darkness do I hear the sound

Of my deepest knowledge as it brings me to ground

I gaze at the stars and feel synopses open

And I feel my whole being, becoming awoken

Why make me this way, oh creator of mine

I’m always so tired, I feel I can’t shine

And as I ask the question, the answer is clear

Because at the midnight hour, you know I can hear

You say to me; child, you live in dark days

Many are sad and black in their ways

And as yin needs yang so
dankness needs light

That’s why you’re a creature of the night

Learn now, please. No longer ask why

Just keep gazing at the stars and the moon in the sky

I see you struggle through the day and I know you are weary

But when you need more strength, please just ask, I’ll hear thee

You are part of a larger plan

You have a rule to play in the evolution of man.

If you’re soul shines at night then let it be so

Stop fighting yourself and then you will know

What will I know I want to reply before I realise the answer is written in the sky

And so I fall in love with all my might

With the fact I was created as a creature of the night.